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Create the ultimate aerial drone videography with a videographer who flies.

Drone videography is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in film production. Drone videography can be highly effective if you want to stand out from the crowd. A drone allows for unique angles and perspectives that wouldn’t be possible with other cameras or equipment. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating new technology!

What is Drone Videography?

The drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle that can capture video or photos. It’s a great way to get unique shots and can save you time and money by eliminating the need for a pilot who would otherwise be required for the duplicate footage. Drone videography is becoming increasingly popular in many industries, including construction, real estate, and travel. Considering how this technology may apply to your industry, you must understand what drone videography involves to know whether it’s right for your needs.

Why Next Thought Studios for Drone Videography Services?

Next Thought Studios is the best drone videography company in the business. We have a team of highly skilled videographers and photographers who can create an original, unique piece of footage for you. Our drones fly at high speeds, so we can catch all the action as it happens. If you want to ensure your video is shot at a professional level, then Next Thought Studios is the way to go!

Our team has been in business for over ten years now; this means that we’re experienced in providing top-quality work at competitive prices. We have worked on many projects with clients from all over the world, so if you need help filming something important like a wedding or birthday party, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

What Makes Drone Video Productions Different From Other Aerial Videos?

What makes drone video productions different from other aerial videos?

  • Unique perspective. A drone can easily capture aerial photography and video, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Your audience will experience your product or event in an entirely new way!
  • Flexible and affordable. Because it’s so much less expensive than other types of videography, we can shoot more footage for your production at a lower cost. This means it’s possible to get more high-quality footage for less money if you choose a drone videographer over one who uses a helicopter or aircraft!
  • Accessible – no special skills required! With our training program and easy-to-use equipment, anyone can become an expert videographer in hours instead of years (or even decades).

When Does Aerial Drone Videography Make Sense?

Aerial drone videography makes sense when the camera is in the air. It’s a unique perspective, and it can be used to capture moments that would be impossible with a regular camera. When does drone aerial video make sense? Here are some scenarios:

  • You’re trying to capture a sweeping view of your property or show off your beautiful location to prospective buyers.
  • You’re shooting an event with limited access for photographers, such as a festival or concert. These events tend to have large crowds and lots of traffic on foot or by car; it can be challenging for photographers without special permits from law enforcement officials who may not understand how drones work safely in these situations (or they don’t care).
  • You want some unusual footage of people at work—for example, if you’re interested in capturing construction workers doing their job via aerial shots instead of directly below them on the ground level where all they would see are other workers blocking their view!

Cost Of Hiring A Professional Drone Videographer.

The cost of hiring a professional drone cinematographer will depend on the type of project and the duration. For example, a wedding videographer may cost more than a commercial real estate pilot.

But how much can you expect to spend? It all depends on how long your production is and what kind of shots you want to get. The minimum charge for drone aerial photography with drones is usually $1,000 per day plus expenses. Still, that rate can vary depending on where you live (or work) and how many other pilots in your area also offer such services.

Commercial Real Estate Drone Pilot

When it comes to commercial aerial drone filmmaking, there are two main categories of the pilot:

  • The Videographer. This is the person who flies the drone and shoots photos and videos. Commercial real estate videographers use their photography and filmmaking skills to create stunning, compelling footage for their client’s marketing needs.
  • The Drone Pilot. The drone pilot controls the aircraft’s flight path during its operation, ensuring that it doesn’t crash into anything or get lost during filming sessions. They also need to understand how to keep an eye on battery power levels so they can ensure nothing runs out during important shoots!

So what does a videographer do? Well, everything! They’ll need to know how best frame shots based on their subject matter (whether people or buildings) and how high up they want them shot from – all while making sure nothing moves too quickly/slowly, so viewers don’t get sick watching the video, etc…

Stunning drone photography and video production

There is a new kind of videography in the world, and it’s called drone videography.

Drone videography is a new and exciting way to capture images and videos. The possibilities are endless! You can use drones to tell stories about real estate, weddings, sports teams—the list goes on and on.

With a drone flying around, you’re sure to capture some fantastic footage that will blow your audience away!

Aerial Videography Specialists. Filmmaking.

There’s no better way to tell a story than using aerial videography. Our aerial videographer team is a specialist filmmaker who uses drones to create footage that tells stories, captures memories, and makes experiences unlike any other.

Our team of professional camera operators specializes in creating cinematic footage that will capture your vision and bring it to life with breathtaking results. From real estate marketing videos to wedding cinematography, we’re focused on providing customers with high-quality content at an affordable price.

World Class Aerial Cinematography.

Drone videography is a new and exciting way to capture aerial footage.

Drone videography is a great way to show off your property, promote your business, or showcase your products.

The aerial perspective that drones provide can be used to tell a story in unique and powerful ways.

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Stunning Drone Photography and Video Production.

US drone videographers: conclusion

So, what have we learned? The drone videographer is the ultimate way to create aerial drone cinematography. These professionals have years of experience with drones and can help you produce a fantastic product.

According to the National Association of Realtors, US home sales increased by 11% in 2018 over 2017. It’s predicted that this trend will continue into 2019 as well, so you must find an excellent aerial videographer who can capture real estate videos for you now!


At Next Thought Studios, we are passionate about our work and expert at what we do. We want to see your company succeed and grow. With the help of our expertise in aerial videography and photography, you’ll be able to build your brand, expand your business and reach new heights in no time!