Checklist Wedding Photos for Your Big Day | Bridal Pictures List.

Everyone knows that the wedding day is one of the most important days in any person’s life. If you’re getting ready for this special event, then you will want to make sure that your photographer captures every detail of it. But what if you don’t know where to start? That’s where our bridal checklist comes in! This list will help guide you through all of the photos that need taking so that your special day can be preserved forever.

Wedding Photos Checklist for Wedding Day.

  • Bride Morning – Getting Ready.
  • The Bridal Bouquet | Wedding bouquet.

Bride Morning – Getting Ready.

  • Bride getting ready.
  • Wedding Shoes and Wedding Dress.
  • Getting ready photos.
  • Hanging Wedding Dress.
  • Wedding dress on the bed. This is a great way to show off your gown, as well as to remind you how beautiful it was when you first slipped it on for the big day. The photo can also include other details like shoes or jewelry, if applicable.
  • Bride Putting On Garter
  • Bride with bridesmaids – If you want to include bridesmaids in your photos, ask them to get ready together before heading out for photos.If not, this gives the bride’s family a chance to catch up with distant relatives and friends before the wedding.
  • Hairstyle Closeup – Wedding Photos.
  • Touching Wedding Photos: Bride With Father.
  • Mother And Bride.

Wedding Shoes and Wedding Dress

When it comes to wedding shoes and other accessories, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First of all, you will be wearing your dress for a long time—especially if you have multiple portraits taken. If you plan on changing into another outfit or pair of shoes, later on, make sure the heels are comfortable enough to last! This also goes for any bridesmaids who might be wearing heels as well.

Second, remember how much time is spent on these photos. Will they be taking place in one location? Or will they be moving around? Some locations allow you to wear sneakers, while other locations require business attire.

The Invitation Suite and Details

The invitation suite is a set of wedding invitations that you may use to announce your big day. You can have the main invitation, which will state the time, date, and location of your wedding as well as provide information about how to RSVP. There are a number of programs available for guests to take home with them at the ceremony. These usually include a map or a list of other important items such as your wedding website and registry information. You may receive RSVP cards with your invitation package. These cards will tell you where to send your responses back once you receive your invites in the mail.

The Bridal Portrait.

  • Bride and groom portraits.
  • Shot of the Bride.
  • Photo of a Bride and groom with parents.
  •  with the bridal party.
  • Bride and groom with the wedding party.
  • Bride and groom with wedding guests.
  • The Candid Moments

The Bridal Bouquet | Wedding bouquet.

The bridal bouquet should be unique to you and your style. It can be a symbol of who you are and what makes you special. It’s also important that it has meaning in your relationship with your soon-to-be husband. For example, if he was always picking flowers for you as a kid, maybe include daisies or wildflowers in the bouquet instead of roses or lilies.

Try using symbolism in your wedding dress, such as white for purity or orange for creativity. If you’re having a spring wedding, use gold or yellow. If your wedding is during the fall, use deep red.

Wedding photography: Groom Getting Ready.

The groom getting ready photos should show the groom getting dressed, with his groomsmen helping him. The groom getting ready photos should also show the groom with his parents and/or grandparents.

Just Before the First Look Photos.

The first look is one of the most memorable moments of a couple’s wedding day. It’s the moment when they finally see each other in their wedding attire and can take in each other’s beauty before exchanging vows. The bride typically gets ready in her room, with her bridesmaids and family members helping her to prepare. The groom waits in his suite with his groomsmen for their big reveal. Let your photographer capture the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time—and vice versa! Then, once they see each other, they will turn around and face one another!
  • Creative Shots Of Wedding Rings Before The Ceremony.

The Walk Down the Aisle.

  • The Bride’s Father Escorting Her Down the Aisle: If your father is still alive, he may be able to escort you down the aisle. This is a very special moment for both of you, so make sure to enjoy it together. If he’s not available or can’t physically walk with you down the aisle, another family member can do so on his behalf. In this case, it might be best if someone other than your mother walks with her as well; that way she won’t feel lonely in such a large crowd of unfamiliar faces.
  • The Groom Waiting at the End of the Aisle: As soon as everyone in attendance has taken their seats and quieted down (or at least stopped talking loudly enough so others cannot hear), take note when they begin applauding—this means that it’s time for them all to stand up again and prepare themselves for what comes next. You’ll hear music playing in church as soon as everything else is ready! It should start slowly with some quiet piano chords which gradually increase until their volume rises into full-on wedding march mode (but hopefully without sounding like an overused cliché).

Ask yours Wedding Photographer: Wedding Ceremony Photo.

On the day of the wedding, several people make up your entourage. The first thing to remember is to get all these people in front of your camera! You don’t want to miss out on capturing their reactions.

Below is a list of groups and individuals you should consider photographing:

  • Touching Photos: Groom With Parents Before Ceremony.
  • Groom With Groomsmen Before Ceremony.
  • Cute Flower Girls Photos.
  • Wedding Arch Photo.
  • Wedding Kiss.
  • Wedding Centerpieces.

Romantic Wedding Pictures Of The Bride And Groom.

Your wedding is a romantic occasion, and you should be able to capture some of that sentiment in your photos. There are many ways to do it, such as having a first look before the ceremony, kissing under a canopy during the reception, or exchanging rings during sunset. These moments will help create memories for years to come!

Wedding Reception Photo Checklist. Photo ideas

  • The Reception
  • You know that you want to capture photos at the reception and your planner has already made arrangements for the photographer to arrive at the venue before the guests do. But don’t forget to ask them if they’ll be taking photos of the decorating process!
  • Guests arrive – great opportunity for photos.
  • The Wedding Party.
  • Candid photos.
  • Place cards
  • This is a great opportunity for some candid shots of your bridal party, as well as some fun dancing shots with them. They’re going to be having so much fun on this day, so don’t be afraid to get in there and join them!
  • These two lovebirds are what everyone is here celebrating, after all! Try out some different poses together (or just kiss). Your photographer will know what they’re doing when it comes time for these photos—you just have fun with it!
  • Wedding table settings are very important, as they set the tone for the rest of the wedding and affect the overall appearance of the reception tables.

Photographers were able to document wedding traditions with their work.

Photographers were able to document wedding traditions with their work. Wedding traditions are must-have wedding photos, as they are a part of your big day. A photographer can capture these moments so that you will always be reminded of the day you said “I Do.”

A photographer will also be able to get shots of all the different elements of your reception, such as your food and drinks, cake-cutting ceremony (if applicable), and even photos with family members who attended that took place during cocktail hour or after dinner. A great way for photographers to do this is by using an engagement session or pre-wedding shoot as an opportunity for you two to get comfortable in front of them before being photographed at your wedding again.

Family Photos

Family photos are an important part of your wedding album and a great way to remember your day. These can be taken before or after the ceremony, during the reception, or at any time during the day. Ask your photographer to get a shot of all your family combined.

Wedding First Dance on the Dance Floor

The first dance is one of the most important parts of your wedding day. It’s a special moment that you’ll remember for years to come, so it’s important to get it right. If you’re planning on having a first dance song for your wedding, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • When choosing a song, think about what kind of music fits your personality and style. Are you more into funk rock or pop? Do you like jazz music or do indie bands move your soul? Maybe country music makes you feel nostalgic! Whatever type of music moves you is the kind that should be played at this magical moment.
  • If possible, try listening to songs before deciding on one for your first dance song list for weddings because sometimes people don’t realize how well they go together until they hear them playing side by side.
  • Some people believe there’s only one perfect song out there but this isn’t true!

The Bridal Party. Wedding Party Photos.

Your bridal party is an important part of your wedding day, so make sure you get photos with them! Whether it’s just the bride or all of you together, here are some photo ideas for group shots.

  • Family photos: Your family loves you and will be there for you on your big day, so take a moment to capture that love in pictures! Try having everyone gather around one person as they do something silly (like jumping or holding their hands up) to give them all something to laugh about. You can also have everyone put their arms around each other’s shoulders or waist and take a nice picture together that way.
  • Bridal party photos: These guys know how much they mean to the bride and groom and they want those feelings reciprocated—so give them some time during your shoot! Have everyone line up in front of the couple so they can pose together while still showing off their personalities by interacting with each other (whether it’s through eye contact or silly poses).
  • Groomsmen Photos: The groomsmen are another important part of any wedding celebration because they stand behind our heroes during the ceremony and carry out various responsibilities afterward; don’t forget about these guys when it comes time for portraits! While we recommend having at least one shot where every single member gets included (this helps keep things organized), try spreading out between two rows so none feels left out if not everyone gets photographed at once.

Wedding Cake.

Cake Cutting Ceremony.

After the first dance, it’s time for the bride and groom to cut into their wedding cake. Everyone will be watching as you slice it up, so take advantage of this moment to get some great shots!

  • The bride and groom cutting into their wedding cake for the first time (or, if you have a large family or lots of friends invited to your wedding) you can also get some great shots with all the guests watching in awe at how beautiful your cake is.

Other must-have photos. Shot list.

Other must-have photos. Shot list:

  • Bride and groom kissing – you should take a photo of the bride and groom kissing to incorporate into your wedding photo album.
  • Bride and groom with parents – it’s important for you to take photos of the bride, groom, and both sets of parents during your wedding day because this is something that will last forever.


Wedding photos are a great way to capture memories from your big day, and they can be fun, too! As we’ve discussed, you might want to include many different types of shots in your album. We hope this list has helped give you some ideas on what to do for the most important wedding pictures.