A beautiful bride, a gorgeous wedding… Just the thought conjures up emotions.

The bride’s morning

A beautiful bride’s morning in which she gets ready and poses. The groom arrives and hugs and kisses the bride. They pose together in the hotel on a beautiful staircase. Beautiful shots in the park. The bride and groom take their vows and exchange rings. The wedding day ends with a fireworks display.

The video begins with a shot of the sun rising over Lake Tahoe, then pans down to reveal a beautiful bride getting ready for her wedding day by herself in her hotel room. She goes through all of the preparation steps, putting on makeup, getting dressed, styling her hair – all while talking about how excited she is for her big day! She then walks out into her suite to find her groom waiting for her there with flowers and champagne – he gives her a big hug before helping put on some finishing touches to her look by tying up her veil for her.

Next we see them walking hand-in-hand together through an open field just outside of town where they can get some nice outdoor shots before heading back inside again where they take pictures at their reception venue (which is also located at the resort). They have friends help them out throughout all of this as well so that they have plenty of people around

A couple videography of their wedding day. At the morning of the wedding, the bride gets ready and poses with her man. They hug and kiss. The groom arrives, they pose together at the staircase while taking beautiful shots in the park. The bride and groom take their vows and exchange rings as well as a firework display.