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Every time I discuss with the bride and groom-to-be how the wedding should go, I am always in anticipation of the shoot. I enjoy experiencing the wedding day in a new way every time. During the consultation I can give advice on the best way to spend a wedding day and what to worry about and what not to worry about. I have filmed over 300 weddings and continue to do so. I know how to present every moment of your wedding in the most rewarding way while still keeping the spirit of the occasion alive.


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Wedding videos

One of the most challenging types of shooting is wedding day footage. During the day there is both staged and reportage filming. We videotape a lot of personal moments, a lot of details, a lot of backgrounds, and a lot of fun moments. This is what your wedding movie is all about.

Vera Zabolotskaya Videography Logo

Engagement video – Love Story

Very often at weddings the newlyweds want to show some beautiful video that will tell about their dating history, about each of them separately, or will be addressed to their parents as a sign of appreciation for the years they spent on the young couple. Also the video can be a training video before the main day and will help the future newlyweds in a free atmosphere to get used to the camera and how they should behave in front of the lens. The marriage proposal can be the focal point of the video.



Video shooting

When filming, it’s important to evoke or help recall the strongest
emotions. Then there will be a lively and interesting atmosphere and absolutely real emotions in the frame.


Editing the film

The greatest amount of time is spent on the selection of footage, which will then be used for the film. The right choice of fragments is the key to success.


Color correction of the film

The colors in the film are not what the camera captures. And only a trained eye can identify the nuances of color and correctly select skin tones to make them pleasing to the eye.

Amazing Ideas

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