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Our real estate videography and photography help you sell homes.

The answer is probably yes if you’re in the real estate business. If you’ve never used videography before, let’s talk about what it can do for your business. Professional photography and video production are the best way to ensure a property sells quickly and at top dollar.

What is Real Estate Videography?

In real estate, a videographer captures footage of a property for use in marketing the property for sale. This process helps buyers see the home and get a feel for what it would be like to live there.

Real estate video marketing is a great way to show off your listing and sell it faster. It also makes it easy for prospective buyers to browse different houses from around town without having to go through each listing one by one, saving them time when shopping around for their perfect new home!

What are the advantages of using a professional videographer for real estate?

  • Professional videographers can help you sell your home faster.
  • Realtors who use video marketing have been shown to sell their homes quicker than those who don’t.
  • Realtors who use video marketing have been shown to sell their homes quicker than those who don’t.
  • Use a professional videographer to stand out from other realtors and build your brand as an expert in real estate.

Can you do your own video production?

Can you do your video production?

Suppose you have the time, equipment, and know-how to do the job well, then yes. But if you do not have any of these things, then no.

Can I hire someone else to film my listing?

Yes! It’s pretty easy to find a videographer in your area who will create a walk-through tour that highlights your house’s features while showing footage from different angles and perspectives.

Do you need videography for your listings? Listing Videos Package.

The Listing Videos Package is a great way to market homes online through video tours, virtual tours, and open houses. Our camera crew will come to your property, film the interior and exterior of the home and then edit it into a professional video that can be viewed on our website or YouTube channel. We will also create an HTML5 version that can be shown on mobile devices like iPads or iPhones.

Want To Partner with me to scale your Real Estate business?

You might want to partner with me if you’re looking to scale your real estate business and get more listings, traffic, and leads.

What Affects Real Estate Videography Pricing?

There are quite a few factors that affect real estate videography pricing. The following are some of the most common ones:

  • Location: The more remote a home is, the more it will cost to film. This is because it’s harder to get there and to find quality crew members willing to work in remote locations. It also means that you’ll have to work with a different type of crew member than you would if filming in an urban area like New York City or Los Angeles.
  • Time of day: Filming during daylight hours makes for easier lighting and helps reduce shadows on your subjects’ faces, but it also means paying for extra electricity usage and increased wear-and-tear on equipment like lights or cameras from sunlight exposure over time. If you’re looking for night shots or other special effects, those can be accomplished only during certain times of day; this may affect your overall real estate videography cost if done correctly (e.g., if you want multiple locations plus special effects).
  • Number of people featured in each video: When shooting video footage with multiple people—such as an interview—you may need more equipment than usual because they’ll all need microphones and headgear/microphones (as opposed to just one subject), along with possibly additional lighting equipment depending on what kind of setting they’re in (e.g., outdoors). Even though this might seem like an extra expense at first glance, remember that these things won’t just disappear after filming ends; rather than purchasing them all separately later on down the road when your initial budget runs out unexpectedly early due thanks primarily due because everyone forgot about how expensive it is when adding up everything else.”

Drone Aerial Best Real Estate Videos

The use of drone footage can help you stand out from the competition. People search for properties online and often see property videos with drone footage from different real estate agents. These videos are usually very similar in what is shown; however, a high-quality drone video will catch your eye and make you want to watch more.

In other words:

  • A great drone video can add value to your listing by showing off features that might be hard to show with traditional photography or videography.
  • The right real estate videographer knows how to capture aerial footage at different times of day and different seasons so that their clients’ listings have a consistent look throughout the year (even if not all photos were taken during the same season).

Re-Imagine Your Real Estate Marketing with 4k Videography

When you think of real estate videography, what comes to mind?

  • Do you think of the little movies made for each listing on the MLS?
  • Do you think about the video player when someone searches your property online and then does a virtual tour through the home?

The key here is to understand that 4K Video is not just for listing sites or virtual tours. It’s more than making sure your home looks as good as possible in a video format; 4K Video opens up new opportunities for marketing your property so that people will want to see it in person!

Real Estate Videographer Video Shoot Portfolio

A real estate video shoot is a process of filming the interior and exterior of a property. A professional videographer will film the property from different angles and use various techniques to create a professional video for your listing.

A videographer can help you sell your home by creating a visual presentation that allows potential buyers to view your home’s condition and any upgrades you may have made to it. Some people also like watching videos when looking at homes online because they find it easier than reading descriptions.

Real Estate Agent Tours

Real estate agent tours are a great way to showcase your listing. These videos can be sent out as email attachments, embedded on websites, or included in your listings. They’re also accessible for potential buyers to glimpse the home before they schedule a showing.

A tour video is an effective marketing tool because it allows you to provide more information than just photos alone. Without this extra layer of context, there is no natural way for potential buyers to evaluate what they see in pictures versus what they would experience as homeowners if they purchased the property.

Brands & Business Videography

Business videos are a great way to show your clients what you do and how you do it. They’re also an easy way to market your business on social media, which is essential when competing against larger companies with more money and resources.

If you want to bring in more clients, we can help by providing business videography services that will make your brand look professional and trustworthy – two traits people crave from their brands these days.

Business videos can be used in many ways:

  • A business video can be used as part of your website, so potential customers can learn about what makes your company unique before they even pick up the phone or contact their local office.
  • A business video can introduce new employees or explain processes that customers might not understand otherwise (like how long it takes for requests to be processed).
  • It could also serve as an advertisement for specific products or services offered by the company (and why those products/services are better than competitors).

Subheadline: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Real Estate Videography?

Videos are a great way to enhance the selling process for your properties. They allow you to showcase more of what a home offers and help buyers get a better sense of what it would be like to live in the space.

  • What are the advantages of using a professional videographer for real estate?

A professional video can give you an edge over other agents who don’t utilize this resource in their business. It offers potential buyers a unique perspective on your listings that can’t be achieved through pictures alone and helps them envision themselves living there—all from their own homes! This makes them feel more comfortable making an offer or going into contract with you as their agent on the property.* How much does it cost? Our pricing is based on several factors: length (lengthier videos generally have higher production costs), type of video (interior/exterior walk-throughs tend to cost more than drone flyovers), number of camera angles shot at once, etc… All prices vary depending on location, number of rooms/doors covered, etc… We will also provide you with an estimate before beginning production, so there are no surprises later down the road when project costs exceed expectations such as needing additional shots due to lack thereof during an initial recording session(s). We want everyone involved happy!”

How much faster does a listing sell with videography?

  • Listings with video sell faster than listings without video.
  • Real estate agents who use video sell more homes than those who don’t.
  • Real estate agents who use video sell homes for more money.

Real Estate Videography Pricing: What is a Reasonable Price?

How much does a real estate video cost?

Regarding real estate photography and videography, many factors determine your project’s cost. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding on the price of your project:

  • What is the scope of the project? For example, if you need help with your real estate listing presentation video and multiple stills photos, this will add value and cost more than just recording a tour or walkthrough video for one property.
  • How long is my script/storyboard? A more extended script means more shooting time and editing hours, increasing labor costs.
  • Is it essential that all footage is HD quality? If so, this significantly increases production costs as HD cameras are much more expensive than standard definition cameras.
  • How many locations do we need to shoot at once? Shooting at multiple locations with multiple subjects requires more equipment (lights/tripods) which can increase production costs by 20%+.

What percentage of realtors use video?

We have seen a steady increase in realtors using video for their listings.

  • What percentage of realtors use video?

Right now, between 30-40% of agents are using video. Over half of agents think it’s essential for selling homes and other properties. We expect this number to grow as even more agents realize how easy it is to create professional-looking videos in our office or at home with simple equipment like a smartphone and tripod.

  • What is the average return on investment (ROI) for a listing with the video?

The average return on investment (ROI) for a listing with a video is up to 2x higher than a listing without one! That means if we sell your home for $100,000, your ROI would be $200k if you had used videography or photography services during the process! This makes sense because it can be difficult to sell something online without seeing what it looks like firsthand through photos or videos, so we make sure there are plenty available when potential buyers come across their listings!

Will you need the assistance of a professional videographer, or will you make videos all on your own?

If you are a property’s agent planning to use video marketing in your agency, you will want to hire a professional videographer.

Do-it-yourselfers can be great at making videos, but they don’t have the experience and skill set that a professional does. This means they won’t be able to create videos with high-quality audio, lighting, and camera angles.

Professional video production companies have years of experience creating videos for companies just like yours. So they know what works best when producing quality content that sells homes fast! A good company will also work within your budget by providing affordable rates and packages tailored specifically for real estate industry agents needing assistance with their video marketing strategy.


We have seen the power of video for real estate and know that it can help you sell your home faster. We’re here to help you create the best possible video for your listing, regardless of your budget or timeline. And if you’re looking to partner with a professional videographer to help grow your business and build more valuable relationships with clients, we would love to discuss how we can work together!